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I speak and write about polyamory, BDSM, nontraditional sexuality, and more. If you'd like me to speak, give a workshop, or present at your conference, email me!

Print Media

The Washington Post
A therapist, a lawyer and a sex educator answer our questions about polyamory
February 12, 2016
What is polyamory, and who does it?

The Santa Fe Reporter
Three Questions with Franklin Veaux
October 7, 2014
What are the keys to good relationships?

Revista Mandala magazine
(Portugese) October 7, 2014
Love Multiplied, an interview with Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux

Catalyst Magazine
Polyamory: "Respectable" Non-Monogamy?
March 3, 2011
The Map of Non-Monogamy and polyamory as a relationship structure

Penthouse Magazine
Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality
May 2009
The Map of Human Sexuality in a feature article

WIRED Magazine
Internet Pushes Polyamory to its Tipping Point
February 29, 2008
How widespread use of the Internet is changing romantic relationships

Orlando Weekly
Love Me Two (or More) Times
July 3, 2007
How a network of friends and lovers has turned the Tampa-Orlando area into a hotbed of poly activism

St. Petersburg Times
A Love Triangle? Try a Hexagon
February 18, 2007
An interview involving several of the people in my romantic circle; reprinted in the Chicago Times, March 7, 2007

UTNE Reader
Polyamory? Your how-to guide in loving more than one
December 8, 2005
Creating relationships with room for more than two


The Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly September 29, 2016
Navigating Open Relationships with 'More than Two' Authors Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

Wild Planet Radio: Progressive Soul
July 23, 2016
Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert talk polyamory: Part 2 of 2

Wild Planet Radio: Progressive Soul
July 15, 2016
Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert talk polyamory: Part 1 of 2

Voice America
Sex Out Loud Radio with Tristan Taormino
November 21, 2014
Interview with Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

KUGS Radio
Bellingham, WA
September 10, 2014
Interview with Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

Sirius Radio Playboy Channel
Afternoon Advice with Tiffany Granath
September 22, 2008
Call-in show about sex, relationships, and love advice


I now have my own podcast! The Skeptical Pervert looks at human sexuality through a skeptical, evidence-based lens. We deconstruct myths about sex and replace them with facts.
Find it on Libsyn | Apple | Amazon or your podcatcher of choice

Nobilis Erotica #473 July 2022
Francesca Peregrine reads the first two chapters of the novel The Hallowed Covenant, by Eunice Hung and Franklin Veaux.

Nobilis Erotica #465 December 2021
Franklin and his co-author Eunice Hung talk about tentacle monsters with Nobilis Reed.

Sexistential Crisis #20 December 2018
Making polyamory work.

KinkyCast #217 May 2018
Polyamory in BDSM relationships.

Loving Without Boundaries #23 May 25, 2016
Part 2 of the Loving Without Boundaries interview. Franklin talks polyamory, sex tech, and his life experiences. Direct download link.

Loving Without Boundaries #22 May 19, 2016
In Part 1 of an interview, Franklin talks polyamory, sex tech, and his life experiences. Direct download link.

Polyamory Weekly #463 January 24, 2016
Franklin Veaux talks about his new autobiography, The Game Changer

Dating Skills Review #89 May 11, 2015
Practical rules to make relationships work with Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

Tangentially Speaking #110 January 30, 2015
Chris Ryan, PhD interviews polyamory experts Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux

Polyamory Weekly #407 October 30, 2014
Poly ethics with Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

Sex Nerd Sandra #166 October 24, 2014
Poly Nitty-Gritty with Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux

Kinkxr October 9, 2014
Polyamory in a BDSM relationship

Polyamory Weekly #369 September 19, 2013
Getting over the poly hump

Polyamory Weekly #367 September 5, 2013

Polyamory Weekly #348 January 24, 2013
How to deal with a partner's jealousy

Polyamory Weekly #317 April 26, 2012
Rules redux

Polyamory Weekly #311 March 13, 2012
Do rules work in poly relationships?

Pedestrian Polyamory #8 November 30, 2011
Polyamory, transhumanism, and do-it-yourself sex toys are all covered in this wide-ranging interview

Polyamory Weekly #291 October 18, 2011
Yes Means Yes: Affirmative Consent in Sexual Relationships (cohosted)

Polyamory Weekly #277 June 14, 2011
Jealousy and the Power of Courage

Polyamory Weekly #271 May 2, 2011
The Secondary Blues: Hierarchy in Polyamorous Relationships (cohosted)

Open Questions #3 April 6, 2011
I love you! And you! And you! An introduction to polyamory

Polyamory Weekly #232 March 9, 2010
Who Gets to be Primary? (cohosted)

Polyamory Weekly #230 February 26, 2010
Polyamorous Relationships that are Also Kinky (cohosted)

Polyamory Weekly #222 December 10, 2009
Metamours, Change, and Insecurity (cohosted)

Polyamory Weekly #221 November 23, 2009
Commentary: This American Life's Take on Infidelity (cohosted)

Polyamory Weekly #213 October 6, 2009
Group Sex and the Logistics of Orgies (cohosted)

Polyamory Weekly #194 March 4, 2009
Part 2 of a 2-part special: How to Have a Happy Relationship

Polyamory Weekly #193 February 24, 2009
Part 1 of a 2-part special: How to Have a Happy Relationship

Mostly ITP December 14, 2008
Polyamory, the sex game Onyx, the Map of Human Sexuality, and more!

Polyamory Weekly #156 June 9, 2008
Practical polyamory and being out to the hairdresser


Tea, Sex, Consent, and Me
January 27, 2022
Extending the "tea consent" metaphor: separating consent from outcome

The Cuckold Consultant
April 2, 2017
Interview about Polyamory

Why does the BDSM Community Dislike Christian Grey?
April 12, 2017

Huffington Post
How Can I Find Closure After a Soul-Crushing Heartbreak?
March 27, 2017
What sort of things do people do to find closure after soul-crushing heartbreak?
Coming Out Polyamorous
September 13, 2016
Eve and Franklin talk about being openly polyamorous in a mononormative world

The Guardian
Polyamorous in Portland
July 19, 2016
Portland, the city that's making polyamory look easy
BBC Future: Polyamorous relationships may be the future of love
June 24, 2016
My history with polyamory

Forward Reviews
Polyamorously Yours...and Yours:
Thorntree Press Redefines
Relationships May 12, 2016
Franklin and Eve talk about Thorntree Press, their publishing company specializing in nonfiction books on alternative relationships
Meet the People in 'Quads,' or Foursome Relationships
April 26, 2016
What is a polyamorous quad? What do they look like?
Eagerly We Await the Coming of the Sex Robots
March 16, 2016
Why sex robots, at least sophisticated ones, are still a long way off.

Thought Catalog
9 Tips from Polyamory that Would Save a Monogamous Marriage
March 7, 2016
What do polyamorous people want monogamous people to know that would help save a marriage?

Van Winkel's
How Do Polygamists and the Polyamorous Sleep?
February 23, 2016
How do sleeping arrangements in non-monogamous relationships work?

Pink Show
Review of the Sex Game "Onyx"
February 22, 2016
Review of Franklin's sex game Onyx

BBC Capital
Should You Fake It 'til You Make It?
November 1, 2015
What does it mean to "fake it til you make it"?

One Epic Chart Proves There's No Right Way to Be in a Relationship

April 1, 2015
Louisa Leontiades interview: Franklin Veaux
November 27, 2014
What's wrong with Franklin Veaux?

The Plaid Zebra
Jessica Burde interviews Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert
September 9, 2014
Can you have love without monogamy?

Greta Christina
Franklin Veaux guest blog
September 27, 2013
Ethics in Romantic Relationships

Franklin on the Sex and Skepticism panel
July 19, 2013
An interview on the intersection of transhumanism, biotechnology, and sex, and how the street finds its own uses for things

Hennen's Observer
Sex, Love and the Quest For Immortality
October 19, 2011
An interview on the intersection of transhumanism, biotechnology, and sex, and how the street finds its own uses for things

Nerve Magazine
Check out this giant map of non-monogamous relationships
October 27, 2010
The Map of Non-Monogamy

Improbable Research
Complexity of Possible Ogamies
November 10, 2010
Article about the Map of Non-Monogamy by the people behind the Ig Nobel Awards

Sex, Love, Intimacy, Kink
Interview with Polyamory Expert Franklin Veaux
February 1, 2010
Interview about the basics of polyamory

The Register
S&M blogger outs web host malware attack
December 14, 2007
Interview about a large-scale attack on American ISP iPower Web

The Truth About Open Marriage
November 21, 2007
Interview for WebMD about non-monogamous relationships

In Person

Beyond the Love, Columbus, OH November 9-11, 2018
Ethical Polyamorous Relationships

Virtual Poly Big Fun November 10, 2018
My Abuser is Woke: When Abusers Co-Opt Social Justice Language

Playground Conference, Toronto, Canada February 23 - 25, 2018
What I've Learned Since Writing a Book about Polyamory

2nd Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference, Vienna, Austria Aug 31–Sep 2, 2017
Ethical Non-Monogamy

PolyTopia, Portland, OR March 24-26, 2017
Keynote; Polyamory Q&A

Dark Odyssey: Surrender, San Francisco, CA November 11-13, 2016
Attachment in Non-Traditional Relationships

InfinityCon February 6, 2016
Ethics of Non-Monogamy; Managing Jealousy

Bawdy Storytelling, San Francisco, CA November 16, 2015
Stories of Non-Traditional Sex

Dark Odyssey: Surrender, San Francisco, CA November 15, 2015
Abuse in Non-Traditional Relationships; Making Relationships Suck

Poly Living Conference February 20-22, 2015
Keynote; Abuse in Polyamory Panel

Whistler Lifestyle Takeover November 7-9, 2014
Book reading; ethics in non-monogamy

Atlanta Poly Weekend June 6-8, 2014
Endnote; Presentations on ethical non-monogamy

BayCon 2012, San Jose, CA May 25-28, 2012
Presented panels on BDSM, alternative relationships, and strategies for living with a creative person.