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These Web sites are all part of Franklin's Sprawling Web Empire. Whatever your tastes, you'll probably find something to amuse, entertain, outrage, shock, or offend you on one of these sites. It isn't really a sprawling empire if it doesn't sprawl, after all. I write a lot of different stuff, on a lot of different topics, and you'll find links to a great deal of it here.

xeromag.com: The first and largest Web site in the Empire. You'll find hundreds of pages here (literally), on a wide range of topics, as well as content from the now defunct small-press magazine Xero. Some of the popular Xeromag content includes:

Polyamory: A popular FAQ and all kinds of resources about polyamory.

BDSM: A popular FAQ and information about BDSM, including a page of kinky sex ideas and scenarios.

English grammar: A quick and fun grammar cheat sheet to help avoid common grammar errors.

Essays on everything from good and evil to the nature of beauty.

symtoys.com: Kinky sex ideas, tutorials on everything from rope bondage to sexual role-playing, and Onyx: The Game of Sexual Exploration ( a shareware party game for 2-6 consenting adults) are all here. You can also buy posters of the Map of Human Sexuality here. Symtoys is also home to Whispers, the journal of sexual fantasies.

finetunedmac.com: This is a technical troubleshooting forum for Macintosh users. The site was formed when the old MacFixIt forum was bought by C-Net and shut down.

Red Lit Search: A couple of years ago, Amazon began censoring some searches for self-published erotica, especially erotica on nontraditional subjects like BDSM. However, I discovered that searches made using Amazon's programming API are not censored, so I built Red Lit Search, an uncensored search tool for Amazon erotica.

humansexmap.com: An interactive site for the Map of Human Sexuality, an experiment in sexual informatics that lists the various types of human sexual fetishes and activities as places on a map. You can create a personalized map here, with virtual push-pins to show the various realms you've traveled in, and where you'd like to go.

morethantwo.com: A polyamory-specific site. FAQ, information, essays, and articles about the care and feeding of polyamorous relationships, with an emphasis on pragmatic relationship skills. Contains the poly pages from xeromag.com and more!

thinkbeyond.us: Transhumanism, emerging technology, and what it means for human society. Here you'll find writings about new technologies in medicine and biotechnology, and what they mean for human society, ethics, and cultures.

hackersluts.com: An RSS feed aggregator of sex blogs. Educational, technical, instructional, and personal blogs on or about human sexuality are aggregated here. If you run a sex blog that isn't listed, use the Suggest a Site form to let me know!

weeklysextip.com: A (more or less) weekly sex idea and advice site, focusing less on BDSM and more on general sex, relationship, and communication tips than some of my other writings.

tentacoo.com: The Tentacle Monster Tarot, a project aimed at creating a whole new Tarot centered around Japanese tentacle monsters. You can do online readings, and we hope to make an actual printed Tarot deck. We're looking for artists to illustrate the Tentacle Monster Tarot, by the way. For more information, email me!

I'm also working on a project at Purple Man Productions, which is not at a point where I'm talking about it yet.