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I write. A lot. About everything. When I'm not writing on the Web about everything from relationships to transhumanism to spam distribution networks to biology, I'm writing books. I've published several nonfiction books and self-published erotic fiction under the pen name William Vitelli. Check out my books!


The Brazen Altar: The Passionate Pantheon Book One

In the far future utopia of the City, a world with no war, scarcity, or disease, distant but benevolent AIs rule as gods.

When you can call up anything you want from Providers, how do you develop meaning in your life? In a culture where sex, pleasure and service are the highest good, three women choose to sacrifice themselves to become avatars of their gods.

Kheema dedicates 18 months to train and learn hoping to become the Sacrifice to the Sun God. She dreams of reciting the history of the City, bound atop the great ziggurat of the Fiery One enduring continual forced orgasms. Terlyn gives herself to the Quickener. For nine months she sleeps in the Garden, bound by vines whose thorns both nourish and sedate her, repeatedly called to brief wakefulness by orgasm. Worshippers seek the deity’s blessing through Terlyn’s body. For Ashi, service to the Wild means surrendering herself in a forest that appears overnight. She seeks to be Sacrifice in a ritual involving her bound body, an altar, and cages full of fellow worshippers. She is encouraged by her lover Riyan, who mischievously proposes using a drug that allows each of them to feel whatever the other feels during the ritual.

The Book So Erotic it was Banned from Amazon!

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Divine Burdens: The Passionate Pantheon Book Two

In the far future utopia of the City, a world with no war, scarcity, or disease, distant but benevolent AIs rule as gods.

But these gods demand something in return for their benevolence. In this City, where there's no money, no scarcity, and no want, the only thing you have to have to bargain with is your body.

Three very different women embark on three separate, harrowing but deeply erotic paths to become the Sacrifice to, and representative of, their gods. Each of these women will be forever altered by their experiences.

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The Hallowed Covenant: The Passionate Pantheon Book Three

Set against the backdrop of the month-long Festival of the Lady, a grand celebration of the creative impulse, four different people come together and grow apart, their lives twining around each other in this story of growth, broken promises, forgiveness, absolution, loss, and discovery.

“One might think that living in a post-scarcity society with access to all the mind-altering drugs and kinky sex one could possibly desire would be paradise. One would be wrong. Eunice and Franklin bring us three dramatic, deeply human stories that will arouse your libido, your empathy and your intellect in equal measure.”
—Nobilis Reed, creator of the Nobilis Erotica —podcast, the most prolific erotica podcast in the —known universe

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Ecstatic Communion: Stories from the Passionate Pantheon

Revisit the City in this collection of five short stories featuring characters from The Brazen Altar and Divine Burdens!

Set fourteen years after the events of The Brazen Altar and two years after Divine Burdens, this collection follows the lives of some of the characters through loss, grief, hope, and quiet rebuilding. Through these stories, we see a meditation on connection and community, the ways both can transform over the course of a life, and the idea that you can’t always move forward without giving something up.

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immechanica: a novel

Los Angeles, 2054: a world of rampant corruption, political upheval, and omnipresent surveillance, where peace is kept by autonomous armed drones with AI facial recognition.

Nadine falls in love with the wrong person at an underground rave, and soon finds herself on the run from police and an augmented assassin sent by a shadowy defense contractor. Her flight takes her from the decaying glitter of Los Angeles to the authoritarian Federation of Free States, where her desperate last stand pits her against a merciless political machine bent on destroying her.

In the battle between you and the world, back the world.

This is the cyberpunk future you feared, not the one you hoped for.

“This novel is an absolute page-turner, creating and maintaining heart-racing tension that makes the reader feel like they're on the run too. Like all the best dystopian narratives (Blade Runner, 1984, The Hunger Games trilogy), it seems this book seeks to sound the alarm but also asks the reader to question what the legacy of humanity will be...It sticks with you, tackling big ideas like transhumanism, environmentalism, and the evolution of a species. This high adrenaline read is perfect for those who love big philosophical ideas.”
—Reedsy review

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More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory

Can you love more than one person? Have multiple romantic partners, without dishonesty or cheating? Absolutely! Polyamorous people have been paving the way, through trial and painful error. Now the new book More Than Two can help you find your own way.

With 100% new material and a fresh approach founded on the Relationship Bill of Rights, I wrote More Than Two to expand on and update the themes and ideas in this website.

“More Than Two may well be the best book on polyamory I’ve ever read. No joke, it’s really that fantastic.” —Andrea Zanin, Sex Geek

US$24.95 (print) / $9.99 (Kindle & ePub) / $24.95 (audiobook)
ISBN: 978-0-9913997-0-3 (softcover) / 978-0-9913997-2-7 (ePub)

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The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love
My memoir about my open marriage and the game-changing relationship that transformed by ideas about polyamory.


To make an open marriage work, Franklin and Celeste knew they needed to make sure no one else ever came between them. That meant there had to be rules. No overnights, no falling in love, and either one of them could ask the other to end an outside relationship if it became too much to deal with. It worked for nearly two decades and their relentless focus on their own relationship let them turn a blind eye to the emotional wreckage they were leaving behind them.

“The Game Changer is not just a polyamory memoir, but rather it is a sustained meditation on the existential themes that affect us all. How do we navigate our relationships – of all kinds – in ways which balance our human desires for both freedom and safety? Can we find ways of relating in which we explicitly counter our tendency to treat others – and ourselves – as things?” -Dr. Meg John Barker

US$14.99 (softcover) / $7.99 (Kindle & ePub)
ISBN: 978-0-9913997-5-8 (softcover) / 978-0-9913997-6-5 (ePub)

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Self-Published Erotica

Nineteen Weeks

Amy Silver had a conventional life as a suburban housewife married to a successful man. That all changed the day she discovered her husband's affair--and how she responded surprised her.

When she caught him red-handed, she proposed a solution that would avoid the mess of a loud and public divorce. Instead, she told her husband and his mistress that they would belong to her for nineteen weeks, the same length of time the affair had been going on. For those nineteen weeks, both of them would help her to fulfill her wildest fantasies, no questions asked. The things all three of them learned during that time would change their lives forever.

Erotic fiction with strong femdom BDSM themes, including group sex, blackmail, and bondage.

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The Webcam Chronicles

Jackie was a successful businesswoman in a D/s relationship with her partner Robert. When Robert began spending more and more time away from home on work assignments, they worked out a way to keep their relationship strong even while he was away: he would instruct her perform for him on camera, telling her what to do to herself for his entertainment. But when he told her one evening that he had invited someone else to watch her, things got more interesting. And when he told her that he'd invited the mysterious watcher over to the house for a more personal introduction, things got more interesting still.

Erotic fiction including BDSM, voyeurism, exhibitionism, humiliation play, and group sex.

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Book One of the Training of Eileen

Eileen was happy to begin a new life with her new husband. Visions of fairy tales and "happily ever after" filled her head; as the wife of a wealthy and handsome architect, she thought she would have everything she ever wanted. And she did, though not quite in the way that she might have imagined.

Her husband Anthony, seeing beneath her repressed exterior someone who wanted nothing so much as to be kidnapped and carried away by pirates, set out to train her as his new sex slave...something she had always fantasized about, but lacked the courage to explore. What followed was an intensive introduction into a new world she could scarcely have imagined.

Erotic fiction with strong BDSM themes, including non-consent, bondage, exhibitionism, and humilation.

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Book Two of the Training of Eileen

Continuing where Book 1 leaves off, we follow Eileen deeper down the rabbit hole, as her husband continues her training. A deep passion is ignited within her, and Eileen finds herself going much further into her new role than she would have dreamed possible.

This eBook is revised and edited, and includes an all-new epilogue that follows Eileen and Anthony long after the original story ended.

Erotic fiction with strong BDSM themes, including non-consent, bondage, exhibitionism, and humilation.

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