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About Me

“Part mad scientist, part gonzo journalist”

Welcome to the home of Franklin VeauxI I am a writer, computer consultant, polyamory and BDSM activist, sex educator, and sometimes amateur photographer. Over the years, I've built a more or less inadvertent Web empire, and this is the page that brings all my various Web sites together.

I write on a number of topics, including polyamory, BDSM, transhumanism, personal philosophy, science, skepticism, Macintosh troubleshooting, and computer security. I speak at conferences and events about polyamory, ethics, and human sexuality.

I own Tacit Assumptions, the parent company of Symtoys, the home of my sex game Onyx and the popular posters of the Map of Human Sexuality, as well as free tutorials on bondage and sex.

I co-own Tacit Pleasures, a tech startup exploring ways to use direct neurostimulation to help trans* people have the physical experience of being in a body that matches their gender identity.

I am a published writer. I am co-author of the steampunk alt-history novel Black Iron and the far-future, post-scarcity erotic science fiction novels The Brazen Altar (banned from Amazon for erotic content!), Divine Burdens, and The Hallowed Covenant.

I also write erotica under a pseudonym. My novel Nineteen Weeks, is a sort of inverted romance that turns many of the tropes of conventional romance novels on their heads, and features lots of fun kinky sex.

What's With the Bunny Ears?

I wear bunny ears almost everywhere I go. The bunny ears you see in the photo of me above have been all over the world with me.

Naturally, that means I get a lot of questions.

The short version of the story is this: The bunny ears were a gift from my sweetie, artist Maxine Green, who also did the illustration on the left. We met at a BDSM convention and have collaborated on several projects since then. And, naturally, when a lover gives you a ring,you wear it; when a lover gives you a necklace, you wear it; and when a lover gives you bunny ears, you wear them.