Privacy Policy


We collect personally identifiable information only for the purpose of answering inquiries or delivering products. We do not, and we never will, sell, rent, exchange, or otherwise release any of your private information for any reason with any other business entity. Any information you give us is used only for the purpose you've specified.

We do not engage in any commercial mailing or bulk emailing practices whatsoever. We will not spam you, nor give your email address to anyone else. Nor do we engage in any telephone solicitation, nor trade or distribute telephone numbers, names, mailing addresses, or any other personal information. We believe these practices are bad business, and we will not associate with any marketing entity that engages in them.

We do retain records of orders, strictly for the purpose of inventory and recording software registrations. These records are kept private and are not shared with any other entity except for the purpose of delivering products (for example, your shipping address is placed on the outside of any packages we send you, for obvious reasons).

Placing an order

All orders placed online are handled by an SSL secure server. This helps protect sensitive information, such as credit card information, from prying eyes. Orders placed online are stored on our server using secure encryption, so even if our server should be hacked, no sensitive information will be released.

Online orders are handled by a shopping cart system hosted by our parent company, You may view or modify your order as many times as you like before you place it; no information is sent to us until you decide to finalize your order.

For any order, whether for products or for software registration, your credit card will reflect a charge from "Tacit Assumptions LLC."